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Knowledge of Talmud, study of it, commentary upon it, and following its guidance bound Jews together as a people in covenant with God.

As is the case for several other important medieval Jewish philosophers, the larger intellectual culture in which Maimonides lived and worked was Islamic rather than Christian.

In particular, attention is drawn to ways in which Maimonides’ philosophical and religious thought were intertwined, focusing on the role of reason and intellectual perfection.

In addition, the article highlights some of the significant ways he departs from Aristotle, while also borrowing from him.

(See, for example, his , remains a much studied and important work in the lives of Orthodox Jewish communities to this day.

He led an almost breathlessly busy life as physician, judge, codifier of Jewish law, philosopher, scientist, and teacher.Indeed, scholarly debates continue on Maimonides’ commitments to philosophy and to Judaism as a revealed religion.