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“I saw so much pain and struggle, but also strength and perseverance at the same time, so I would love to be a mouthpiece for my mum and for the other people who are going through this tough time.” But the heaviness of her onscreen alter ego’s trials and tribulations took a toll on the usually effervescent star.

“It gets overwhelming and emotional – even right now during this interview – because I’m constantly trying to detach myself from the role and just be Belinda without slipping back into that depressing mode,” she shared, explaining that Brenda goes through “one crisis after another”.

“Men are just candy.” That description comes from one of Empirical’s most treasured writers, Belinda Lacroix (Lois Smith), lamenting the stigma of being labelled a romance novelist.

Men decide the genre is silly and so it gets completely written off, even though, as Liza is quick to point out, romance novels are all about women being the heroes (and having great sex). Charles, Diana, and Millennial’s newest associate editor Liza take Belinda (who only wears Pepto Bismol pink, mind you) out for their annual lunch.

I’m not totally sold, but I also wasn’t looking forward to another six episodes of Kelsey mean-girling Liza, so here we are. Will Josh tell Kelsey the real reason he and Liza broke up? If Liza’s belated birthday drinks (she quietly turned 41 in the midst of the Kelsey-Liza Civil War) are any indication, Kelsey is very onboard with Liza dating men her own age.

What really interests me is Josh’s reaction to Kelsey’s sudden change of heart. She takes her pal to a bar that’s more Liza’s speed — or, as Lauren asks, “Is this an assisted living facility?

Lachlan Flynn takes her up on her offer to discuss his future, only when she goes to meet him, it’s Zane who shows up. Upon hearing that Belinda’s last words were “Men are just candy,” her first reaction is “It’s a great book title.” SHE ISN’T WRONG.She and Zane may be hitting it off, but she’s getting texts from Lachlan who is still very much interested in her editorial services. All these less-than-perfect dates with hunky men are exhausting, so it’s no surprise that at the end of the night, Liza walks in on Maggie, Kelsey, and Lauren — who’s nursing a broken heart from a major fight and apparent breakup with Max — having a girls’ night on the sofa at the loft. Liza wastes no time hopping on that couch, snuggling with Kelsey (I KNOW, YOU GUYS), and sipping on one of Maggie’s margaritas. They pay their respects, of course, but Kelsey wastes no time introducing herself to Lachlan Flynn, one of her favorites, and reminding him that his spy novels have an audience with women. After everything, it looks like these two ladies are back on track.

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If his current editor (the very cute and extremely well-dressed Zane Anders) doesn’t realize that, maybe Lachlan should think about getting himself a new one. It does seem a little extreme for Kelsey to completely forgive Liza so quickly after the amount of grief she gave her, but Kelsey explains that she now understands Liza was lying in order to help her kid — she hopes her own mother would be able to do something like that for her. Now that word is out that Josh is moving on by way of hooking up with cute coffeehouse girls (Maggie lets Montana know whom she’s sleeping with and the guilt is so unbearable, blondie immediately confesses to Liza), Kelsey is all about encouraging Liza to move on as well.While these all sound like totally unrelated ventures, she shared her ambition of aligning and intertwining them – her essential oils kit, book and video channel – together into a “Belinda Lee” branding for herself. In fact, she believes that more offers will come her way, especially when that whole branding thing takes off.

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