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Nearly 2 million college students have taken him up on the offer, with “Sugar Babies” receiving an average of ,000 in monthly allowance.Sixty percent of students seeking “benefactors” are from the U. “It’s afforded me the opportunity to do unpaid research, I get to go to nice dinners."BU in general needs to focus more on individual students instead of stats," she said.Our events offer a fresh alternative to speed dating and matchmaking."Students are not made aware of how to report situations like this and without punishment, offenders are not deterred from committing similar crimes." "The administration needs to develop a more coherent system to listen to the victim and approach a solution that does not put the victim in a position of guilt," said sophomore Gillian Mertens.Erin said the thought of potentially being punished for drinking -- along with discouraging results for victims who report their cases -- makes for a poor situation at BU.The student Erin accused will not be prosecuted, and her story has been met with disbelief by friends.

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About 58 percent said they expect people will believe them over their alleged attacker, but 22 percent said they expect their attacker will be believed if he denies the attack ever took place.

They get a notch in the bedpost while I -- and many other girls like me -- am stuck trying to pick up the pieces and keep it together." On a campus where none of the 21 reported sexual assaults from 2006 to 2008 resulted in prosecutions and none of the 11 that went through BU Judicial Affairs resulted in expulsions, Erin's story is not unique.

"If alcohol is involved in a sexual assault case, people are less likely to believe the accuser," said Ella Cymerman, a BU junior.

"It seems like many people, especially on college campuses, think sexual assaults and drinking go hand-in-hand," said an anonymous male student who responded to the survey.

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BU does not have a rape crisis center, but instead offers support through Student Health Services and the Women's Resource Center, which opened last year."At BU, as with a lot of other colleges in America, there's not really much of a dating culture. "And there's an idea that just because you don't say no doesn't mean you're saying yes. Merriman said the school now judges such incidents on a case-by-case basis, which gives more leeway to a female student who may have been assaulted while drinking.