Internet dating issues and safety

10-Aug-2017 21:07

It’s no surprise to learn that 81 percent of teens use social media, according to data from The Pew Research Center.

Sure, teens still meet in the same ways that kids always have, but the low social risks associated with flirting online have made that option more acceptable to some than trying to talk face to face in a crowded school hallway.

At least that’s what teens said in a recent story about online romance in the student newspaper at my daughters’ suburban Maryland high school.

According to that story, “students initiate relationships online to meet new people, avoid stressful in-person meetings and hide their dating lives from their parents.” That’s certainly the case for some kids, according to my 17-year-old.

As with most parenting issues concerning teens, one of the best things we can do is to talk to our teens about the possible dangers of dating online, experts say.

Though teens think they know everything, they really can be naïve and trusting just when they need to be wary and skeptical.

Specific Apps Information There are thousands of Apps developed and designed for children and young teens.

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It is important therefore that parents know and understand the safety features required for children and young teens.Facebook does provide a ‘Help’ tab in which parents can edit the privacy settings for their child’s personal account. Users can upload, edit and create photos which are then posted to their Instagram accounts.

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