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The signature can then be notarized using an appropriate notary certificate, either directly upon the copy or by attaching a loose certificate .

Sometimes the notary certificate for a document is not on the same page as the signatures, or there may be no notarial language at all.

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You may also encounter documents where the signer is acting in a capacity such as trustee, attorney-in-fact for a power of attorney, a corporate officer, or with an AKA; since this capacity is part of the signature line, it's good practice to include it with the signature in the notary certificate. Simply, the signer attests to the document's content; the notary then attests that the signer has satisfied the required elements of notarization. statement directly upon the copy (or an attached page) attesting that it is a true copy of the original document, and affixing his/her signature to the statement.

Be particularly aware of this when notarizing signatures on Ohio vehicle title transfers between private individuals; the title document contains jurat language which signature, at least 1" from any page edge, and ensure it does not obscure any wording on the document or the notary certificate.