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17-Jul-2017 19:53

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Any scammers get kicked off the site and if ever you have any suspicions, they will promptly investigate that person. Good luck My experience with the "Woman" on this site is: if I ask personal questions... Most of them write back in russian so I use a very expensive translation "service" to receive blabla.... I found the most are stolen from facebook profiles..my "Favorites" from last 6 month Olga, 31Deleted ID: 3243071Nadya, 34Deleted ID: 3232481Nataly, 48Deleted ID: 323677Eleonora, 40Deleted ID: 3237331Valentyna, 38Deleted ID: 323456Olga, 55Auckland ID: 317688Irina, 26Moscow ID: 294658Angelika, 43Voronezh ID: 319220Nataliya, 33Deleted ID: 322557Elena, 38Zhitomir ID: 314540Kseniya, 32Deleted ID: 322143Anjelika, 28Deleted ID: 321954Olga, 25Odessa ID: 319939Leylya, 31Deleted ID: 321950Maria, 46Lvov ID: 297966Svetlana, 33Deleted ID: 320086Yulia, 29Deleted ID: 315933Sabina, 42Kraslava ID: 320625Kristina, 24Deleted ID: 320243Alina, 25Odessa ID: 320309Galya, 48Deleted ID: 319854Nataliya, 34Deleted ID: 319387Anna, 30Deleted ID: 319361Lena, 42Deleted ID: 311463Lena, 28Deleted ID: 319673Natalia, 36Deleted ID: 318880Natalia, 46Deleted ID: 289229Tatiana, 35Deleted ID: 318264Katerina, 25Omsk ID: 306349Viktoriya, 34Deleted ID: 318509Olga, 43Saint-petersburg ID: 318538Viktoria, 38Deleted ID: 301005Yuliya, 29Deleted ID: 317814Karolina, 37Orenburg ID: 191702Natali, 44Energodar ID: 284978Elza, 33Moscow ID: 317871Elena, 54Zaporozhye ID: 314106Nina, 54Krasnoyarsk ID: 313344Mika, 52Simferopol ID: 108877Madina, 50Kazan ID: 34201Valeria, 45Kiev ID: 313813Galina, 54Zaporozhye ID: 311396Tanya, 46Odessa ID: 306579Elena, 53Moscow ID: 294506Ira, 48Athens ID: 308311Alina, 37Lvov ID: 309367Anna, 33Deleted ID: 304726Elena, 33Deleted ID: 317217Tanya, 52Dnepr ID: 309206Tatyana, 49Tyumen ID: 301945Elena, 46Dnepropetrovsk ID: 299615Oksana, 38Deleted ID: 299717Elizabeth, 45Simferopol ID: 298867Lubov, 45Vinnitsa ID: 295979Jasmine, 46Moscow ID: 296876Svetlana, 43Donetsk ID: 251678Olga, 47Sumy ID: 296242Irina, 35Bendery ID: 183970Lera, 33Ekaterinburg ID: 296117Natali, 45Odessa ID: 293702Lusi, 48Rovno ID: 292376Ksenia, 44Kiev ID: 292135Tatiana, 42Deleted ID: 2722481Liliiy, 50Kharkov ID: 288546Vittoria, 47Deleted ID: 289807Marina, 30Deleted ID: 315847Nataliya, 51Deleted ID: 3160121Tasha, 52Cheboksary ID: 274310Svetlana, 43Poltava ID: 285894Albina, 46Blagoveschensk ID: 281452Victoria, 35Moscow ID: 155848Pearls, 37Yalta ID: 49057Slava, 48Deleted ID: 307371Alisa, 32Deleted ID: 312240Nataliya, 43Simferopol ID: 168688Marina, 30Moscow ID: 314990Olena, 36Deleted ID: 289439Kristina, 30Kiev ID: 169562Tatyana, 33Yoshkar-ola ID: 269872Oksana, 30Deleted ID: 316103Vikkiku, 32Luhansk ID: 316201Liubov, 55Ekaterinburg ID: 392771Marina, 40Deleted ID: 282469Ksenia, 37Moscow ID: 269665Natali, 36Rostov ID: 310992Natallya, 36Deleted ID: 313728Viktoria, 35Deleted ID: 307874Julia, 37Deleted ID: 304458 I would like to share my experience with the Russian dating site Cute Only.From someone who has also used Western dating sites in the past, I can give you my honest opinion of both.I have noticed that fake profiles are deleted which is good as we get to communicate with genuine women. I'm now happily in a relationship with Masha my Russian girlfriend, and we are going to spend time with each other in May and June. My only negative, would be that you can't share pictures on the sites messager. My advice for any other men reading this would be, If you see a girl you like message her. I recommend Cute Only because of the ability to obtain email and/or phone numbers directly from the girls.I would like to thank everyone behind cuteonly for providing such a platform. My honest feedback to admin and also to other users to check and verify that person who talking to you, most of them will say they don't have internet connection,facebook and skype, It's better to stop dealing with this scammers immediately. I want to thank the staff at cuteonly I have identified a couple prospective ladies that I plan on meeting in April in Ukraine. Also as an Australian the joining fee is expensive, because site prices are in USD. You can go quickly to chatting on Viber or Whatsapp in a short time or through email.

I have met a few great women here, and will soon be traveling to Kiev to meet my lady. I've arrived at this site by recommendation of friends from Russia.This is a great dating website if you are seriously looking for a long-term relationship/marriage.My advice would be to take your time and chat to several women - don't rush, be patient and culturally aware, you will find someone.The only site that truly work as the ones you have to pay for, that's my experience at least.

At least the women on their know, to some degree, what they want in a mate.Initially I had bitter experience girls not responded immediately after becoming paid member they don't respond you who responded earlier before I was paid member.

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