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15-Jun-2017 23:49

Choose among thousands of wonderful holiday homes, unplug your electronics and enjoy the relaxed life with your partner or all your family.

Go for a walk along the beach, feel the sea breeze in your hair and enjoy the fantastic, Danish nature.

through the forests on special tracks for horseback riding or at Sønder Kohave in Nykøbing Falster, an old forest with some of its trees more than 200 years old. Take a trip along the coasts and try your luck at catching garfish, trout and cod or go for the more safe approach and visit one of the many Put and Take lakes.

Since Falster is a flat island, exploring the area on bicycles is an obvious choice, and bike rentals are found in many places.

The cape has some 5-7 metres high cliffs best explored on walking trips along the coast.

A lot of birdwatchers come here to watch the migrating birds, especially in the fall.

Marielyst's charming town square is surrounded by cafes and exciting shops specialising in applied art, clothing, jewellery and more.

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South of Marielyst is Gedser Odde (cape), the southern most point in Denmark.

The southern part of Falster has the holiday town Marielyst which is especially known for one of the best beaches in Denmark.