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But unless it’s causing serious problems, then it’s often said they have ‘traits’ of a personality disorder, but not the full‑blown version — where the symptoms are a constant feature that hampers their life.So in this way, personality disorder is really on a continuum.Similarly, many celebrities have narcissistic personality traits.But it’s these traits that have enabled them to succeed, for example, by taking advantage of others and prioritising their own needs.Hardly a week goes by these days without mental health making the news; with everyone from celebrities to politicians keen to share their own struggles with depression or anxiety.But there is one psychiatric condition that remains conspicuously absent from the discussions, even though an estimated one in ten of us will experience it at some point.This may mean an abusive or traumatic upbringing but could also include being brought up in a chaotic or unstable family home, with parents going through an acrimonious divorce, who were heavy drinkers or who didn’t provide adequate support, love or attention.Because personality is a complex thing, it’s not always easy to say for sure when someone has a disorder.

Yet many people do not even know personality disorder exists, leaving those affected — and the people around them — to suffer in silence.

Psychiatrists such as myself see many people with personality disorders and know the pain and distress they can cause.

Lots of people have aspects of a personality disorder.

To go back to the cooking analogy, it’s as though some of the key ingredients are missing entirely or aren’t in the right proportions, so the pastry doesn’t turn out right.

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This makes life very difficult for the person and those around them.

The symptoms can also be mistaken for other mental health problems, such as depression or bipolar, as they can superficially seem very similar.

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