Updating nintendo wii firmware

12-Oct-2017 02:14

I crave the quirkiness and replayability, and would be perfect on mobile with motion controls, multiplayer, and leader boards for the mini-games!Nintendo has launched a new firmware update for the Wii home console, called Wii Menu 4.3.

Considering that ever since the launch of the home console, homebrewers and hackers have always managed to breach whatever protections Nintendo created, it is probably just a matter of time before Wii Menu 4.3 is also overcome.Myself, I have little problem playing games and updating my Japanese 3DS.It is a Nintendo system, after all and geared towards children.The Japanese giant might be interested in limiting piracy on the Wii but even a new firmware version will do little to eliminate it.

Most gamers are interested in titles launched for the platform mainly because of the single player element and Nintendo lacks the multiplayer communities enabled by such services like Xbox Live from Microsoft and the Play Station Network from Sony.Nearly as commonplace have been the post-patch gamer complaints that the latest update has rendered their systems inoperable.