Validating google analytics tips for micro firms

31-Jul-2017 17:33

There is also a benefit to reduce your bounce rate, as a user may just visit one page (say your blog or a product page) but don’t go anywhere else on your website, that would count as a bounce.What if the user downloaded a PDF, added to a basket, played a video, shared on social media, printed the page?Even if you don’t think you will be using Remarketing for a while, it is worth setting up and building your lists now, that way you have the data ready for any campaigns you may do in the future.It is really simple to do, you can get ideas and import from the Google Analytics Solution Gallery, or use the Segments you created. It doesn’t just have to be people who didn’t end up buying your product, it could be people who downloaded a pdf, or visited key product pages for a set amount of time, as well as people who arrived from campaign sources, or destinations, lots of options for any website owner to think about.Split your goals to Macro (the big ones) and Micro (the little conversions that happen before someone hits the big one).Tip: Make sure you add values to your micro conversions, how much is an email address worth to the business, or a PDF download?

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: in your terms and conditions to using Google Analytics it is stated that you will not send any personally identifiable information (PII) to your Google Analytics account.

I believe it's vital for every business to get a grasp on selecting the right digital marketing metrics and use the right customisations, yet often doesn't happen in my experience.